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In Planet SexPress the protagonists of this story Fry, Leela and Amy are on a very special mission on a distant planet. While they take some very important boxes for their investigation. Due to the atmosphere that is plagued by a very addictive gas they must wear masks to protect themselves. This gas is somewhat dangerous, it makes you addicted to sex and you can’t stop fucking. Some have already tried it and have not had a good ending.

But by an oversight of Amy, he stumbles and falls to the ground, breaking the mask and causing that so addictive gas to breathe. Amy tries to fight her own instincts to fuck like crazy, but it was too late. The gas had turned her into one more and while Fry tried to calm her down, she undressed completely. It seems that nothing could stop him and went straight to Leela to remove the mask while they kissed each other. They both undressed and Amy began to masturbate Leela’s pussy while practicing oral sex. Fry couldn’t believe what he was seeing, his cock was growing more and more.

He had been totally petrified and he could not resist making a good fuck with Leela and Amy. While Leela was on all fours on that inhospitable planet, Fry was fucking her anally. After a while, the Bender robot appeared with a new extension to make things easier for everyone. With his huge artificial robot penis he started to fuck Amy who was going completely crazy. When they finished fucking, several of their friends told them that they had seen everything through an interdimensional television.

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