Broly’s Room – Accel Art


After Gogeta beat Broly, Cheelai and Broly are back on their desert planet. The two are alone because their partner has gone to find supplies to survive.

Between Cheelai and Broly there was a certain sexual tension and Cheelai took advantage of this moment to seduce Broly. She began to tell him that if he wanted to feel a woman’s body, since he had been so many years alone on this planet he had not met any. He began to touch her pussy and her tits, Broly had his hard cock when he saw Cheelai’s sexy body.

The girl took off her clothes and Broly began to fuck her immediately. As soon as he felt the sayan’s cock, the sexy alien knew that it was the best thing he had ever done in his life. That cock was going to split in two and she was enjoying that moment.

Broly went crazy and began to fuck Cheelai wildly. I kept fucking her, the girl was dizzy from so many orgasms she had. The semen ran down his throat and he no longer knew what was happening. I was only able to feel an infinite pleasure that I didn’t know when it was going to end.

The next day Cheelai went in search of Broly to fuck again, this now had a magic seed that Goku had given him. Now I was ready to fuck again wildly.

We hope you liked this Dragon Ball Porn Comic called Broly’s Room drawn by Accel Art.

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