Homer’s Nightmare – Minicomic

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Homer’s Nightmare is a porn and Minicomic parody of The Simpsons, in which Homer ends up watching as his neighbors fuck Marge in a dream. It all starts as usual, Homer was in the garden in underpants. With a donut in his hand and staring at him, he couldn’t stop thinking about eating it. It seemed that everything was going well and he was in his moment of relaxation of the day.

But Bart and Lisa suddenly appeared after leaving the door. They were very worried, Marge had some problems and they, being so small, could not help her. Moe had told Bart that Homer owed him a lot of money, and that one way or another he would pay them today. Moe was accompanied by Barnie, who had become a drunken and useless man thanks to Homer.

They were all very angry and wanted revenge for all of that. He went quickly to the classroom, when he saw all that he was very surprised and scared. Marge was being fucked by three men at once and apparently she was enjoying it. Even she was sucking a stranger’s cock. Homer was going crazy, but quickly woke up from that nightmare. It was all a bad dream he had and to get that bad drink he went to get a Duff beer in the fridge.

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