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The Gift is a porn parody of The Simpsons and comic xxx in which he tells the story of Bart, a boy who buys a real doll and fucks her in the ass. One day, Bart was walking with his mother Marge through the neighborhood. I was enjoying a good sunny day and they had many things to think about. Bart was very happy to be with his mother, he always liked to take a good walk. Suddenly, in a store, he saw a very famous figure that he would have always liked to have.

It was the figure of Lady Z in size and its quality was incredible, she could not miss the opportunity for her mother to buy it. Marge had no money to buy it, so I try to explain it in the best possible way. He was very sad, because he wouldn’t have another chance like that, he also had a small discount. His mother promised him he would buy it for his birthday. However, a few days later and when Bart’s birthday was near.

Marge went back to the store to buy the figure, but she no longer had the discount a few weeks ago. So much money could not afford it, but he saw a costume that was equal to the figure but much cheaper. The next day, Bart found a huge package in the living room. I don’t wait for a second to open it, apparently I already had the gift I loved so much, the real-size Lady Z figure.

In truth, he hadn’t noticed, but it was his mother in disguise with the suit he bought. He was very happy, but things started to get complicated when I picked up Marge’s shirt. Her bounces bounced and Bart stared at how big they were. He touched them with his hands, but his mother was very worried, apparently he did not realize that he was not a figure.

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